Monday, February 16, 2009

First Wrestling Tournament

This past weekend I had my first wrestling tournament as a youth coach. The boys did awesome!!!!

I have to say that I have worked them very hard, and they did much better than expected. We took 19 to the tournament, and a few placed. No one went undefeated, but we did have one that finished first. He wrestled a round robin bracket and only lost once, with all other wrestler's having lost twice.

Blake Turis - 3rd
Jack Lee - 3rd
Michael Worshim - 4th
Keegan Henley - 1st
Tommy Blackburn - 3rd
Kyle Swearengen - 2nd
John Michael Turis - 2nd
Daulton Mertz - 4th
J.R. Thomas - 3rd
Zach Houston - 2nd
Kendall Collier - 4th

So out of 19 that we took, 11 placed in the top four. Only four of those have any wrestling experience. I'm very proud of all the guys that wrestled this weekend, and I know that many more medals are on the way.

Thanks for all that came.

This week we will wrestle on Thursday, and Friday night, and all day Saturday.

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